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Do you have one of these flags?

One of the things a professional genealogist is called to do at some point in their career is to find living family members. It wouldn’t be considered forensic work, but one uses all those skills to reunite items with living people.  I feel it is so important that others be aware of the service being offered by the Obon Society. They are working to reunite family in Japan with the flags of the fallen soldiers taken by U.S. servicemen during WWII. These flags are called, “Yosegaki Hinomaru.”Do you have a Japanese flag from your father or grandfather’s footlocker? These flags were taken by United States soldiers as one of the ‘spoils of war.’

The Japanese soldier died in the war and his good luck flag was removed from his person. That flag survives in many a basement or attic. A spoil of war.  These flags were created with loving messages from family and friends before sending the soldier off to war. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were to be reunited with something your father or grandfather carried into war? Something they held, touched and likely protected at all cost?

Do you have one of these precious flags? Are you willing to put it in the hands of someone who might be able to help get it back to the soldier’s family in Japan? If you do have such a flag I hope you’ll agree to have the research done to get it back to their living family.

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