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Lawson Research Services, LLC is Forensic Genealogy; accurately recreating the family tree for attorneys, their clients, guardians for the elderly and individuals

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Leslie Lawson

Leslie is a professional genealogical researcher with 20+ years research experience.

Leslie Brinkley Lawson has been running a reputable forensic genealogy business since 2000. She has reunited many families with her work and is committed to providing quality research to all of her clients.

Our Researchers
Vicky Lambert

Vicky Lambert

Lead Researcher

Dr. Jewell Dunn

Dr. Jewell Lorenz Dunn


Caroline Gurney

Caroline Gurney


Kim Melchior

Kim Melchior



In only a couple of hours Leslie Lawson located heirs in a probate matter that had not been in touch with their father (or his family) for over 35 years! Her expertise and efforts saved my client valuable time and money. I will hire Leslie again in a heartbeat the next time a client needs assistance tracking down long lost relatives.

Nicole Hough, Attorney

Business Consultant

Several people stopped [the planner] at the GFO to tell me they thought you were the best speaker we have had in ages!” Well, thank you very much, GFO!

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