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family tree chartOregon probate code tells us that I can’t look back any further than the grandparent level of a deceased person. The state then wants me to look for heirs without going past the first cousin three times removed relationship level. Without a chart, I’ve never come up with an easy to understand a way to explain to anyone how you see the family group. If I have my handy chart in front of me I can easily show you how the lines descend so that you too can understand how I figure out the relationships. My computer program will tell me if I ask it to as well.

Attached are both a relationship chart and a mind map for seeing how the  probate code is described visually. I hope you find them useful.

Washington and California seem to work on about the same premise for finding heirs that Oregon does. I created a mind map for the Oregon Probate code. Would you like a mind map for your state? Please send me the link to the intestate succession or probate code for your state. Please also include your understanding of the law within your state about who is defined as a missing heir. As time allows, I’ll create mind maps for your personal use. As you might expect these take considerable time to create.

Oregon Probate Law outlines heir and beneficiary information here: http://www.oregon.gov/dsl/ESTATES/Pages/heir_beneficiary_information.aspx

Probate code: http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/chapter/112

Below is a link to a mindmap for the probate code of Oregon:

Quick Tip: Do you or your paralegals need to find links to genealogy sites that might help you resolve missing heir cases? You might find my Forensic Toolbox of help you. It is located here: https://lawsonresearch.wpengine.com/forensic-toolbox

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