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News Across my Desk Coffee and ComputerThe young woman in this news article walked away from her family at age 18. It appears she never looked back. As would be expected DNA proved the investigators had located her family group. I can only imagine what that family went through wondering what became of her. Why did she turn away from them all? In the end, she took her own life without ever telling a soul she lived under a stolen name.

“My God, that’s Kimberly!”
This fellow died on the beach in Australia on 1 December 1948. The body has been unidentified now for almost seven decades. One hopes that they are able to disinter the body and get a DNA sample to help science to positively identify the man. We have the skills now to help identify him.

“DNA Just Tied a Mystery Death in Australia to Thomas Jefferson”

Have you done your medical family tree? It can make a difference. You should have this done to help guide you and your doctor in your personal care. I have written about this before. I am currently creating a medical family tree for two clients going back 4 generations on every line. We can now see which lines hold cancer (and what kinds); which lines have known alcoholism; and which lines have long lives.

Family Health History
Family history can link ovarian, breast cancers
Knowing is not enough: CDC