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everyone loves moneyIs Your Name on the List?

People are always looking for more money. And what’s better than free money?

I was recently contacted by an individual wanting to prove s/he was an heir to an estate. Any estate. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way over here on my desk. I find heirs to KNOWN estates! It has happened over the years that one family has heard from me twice. The first time they were a little hesitant to respond to my letter of inquiry. The second time my phone rang upon receipt of my letter. They and I were surprised to realize we had done business previously.

Is there money out there for you?

We are a mobile society. Sometimes we forget about deposits that we’ve paid. Or sometimes we don’t respond to the genealogist telling us we were an heir to an estate and then discover that we were an heir to an estate!Most states have a link you can follow to find out if your name is on their list of missing people having a refund coming. You can Google, Unclaimed Property STATE (whatever state you have lived in); or Unclaimed Money.

When I am contacted by people wanting to find out if they have money or property out there somewhere I send them off to Missing Money.com. That site also has information for Alberta, Canada. Not all states in the United States participate in this site. At last glance nine states do NOT participate. That’s where you and Google will find your way.You can also visit NAUPA. They too have links to unclaimed property. If your state isn’t participating in the above link at Missing Money, NAUPA will take you to the Unclaimed Property for the state you want to check on.

So, did you find your name on a list for free money?

Contact me: If you have questions about locating missing heirs to your client’s estates please contact me at Leslie@LawsonResearch.net. I’m more than happy to help you understand my process to locate the missing heirs to your case.