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missing heirs and the affidavit

What is an Affidavit outlining all the heirs to an estate?

Typically we need to create this type of affidavit when someone has died without a Will and left an estate (cash and or property) that needs to be disbursed.

I start with primary documents to recreate the family group. I always want the death certificate and any other legal documents you might have that designate family members and their relationship to the deceased. The death certificate typically lists full name of the deceased; date and place of birth as well as parents names.

Each document used will be cited in the Affidavit. Death certificates, birth certificates, census records, military registrations. Anything and everything that can be located on a person and their family group will be reviewed. The information is correlated to make sure it’s not just the right name, but the right person living in the expected place as well.

All of the information is input into my database so that I can track the relationships of all of the people. As you would expect the information is then compiled and each exhibit has a citation as well as an Exhibit number.

I provide for the attorney two displays of family information. One is a descendant list that shows each generation and relationship.  This is a descendant list created from the software I use.

1-Gerschwin “George” Wolder (Aug 1849-13 Feb 1925)
+Carrie Green (Dec 1858-2 May 1930)
. . . . 2-Morton Wolder (7 Aug 1885-Mar 1969)
. . . . +Dinah Kramer (1889-Apr 1957)
. . . . . . . . 3-Amelia G. Wolder (abt 1909-)
. . . . . . . . 3-George Louis Wolder (2 Jan 1910-Oct 1972)
. . . . . . . . 3-Victor Wolder (abt 1914-)
. . . . 2-Lewis Wolder (17 Mar 1887-)
. . . . +Sadie Unknown (abt 1890-)
. . . . . . . . 3-Lewis G. Wolder (abt 1915-)
. . . . . . . . 3-Caroline R. Wolder (abt 1924-)
. . . . 2-Bessie Wolder (Sep 1891-)

The other is displayed as a chart. Some of my clients prefer this method of presentation. (This particular graphic has been cut smaller in the interest of space in this post.)

In either case all known heirs are colored green in my database. We refer to this as “follow the money”. Each person in green will have a mailing address or a note that they weren’t located (rare).
Finally the Affidavit is signed in front of a notary and sent to the attorney.

Contact me: If you have questions about locating missing heirs to your client’s estates please contact me at Leslie@LawsonResearch.net. I’m more than happy to help you understand my process to locate the missing heirs to your case.