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Many of my clients work with wealthy clients in the preparation of client estates. Sometimes the most obvious questions come up after Grandma has passed. Where is the will? Where are the heirs to this estate I need to probate? Do I need to hire a private investigator to find them? [No.]

Maybe your client hadn’t yet told you where to locate the heirs to their estate. How do you as the attorney |fiduciary | guardian find these people now? You call in a forensic genealogist. We can pore over your documents and pull out the family facts from them. We then enter the discovery and analysis part of the research and we look to find all the heirs.

You can contact professional genealogists who specialize in forensic genealogy. They can locate the heirs in fairly quick time frame. Personally I’ve done a lot of this type of work for attorneys across the United States. The heirs have been located around the world.

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