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Arizona: Births 1855-1934 and deaths 1844-1959:

California: Death Records 1940-1997

California Death Records Pre-1905

Los Angeles County, Obituary Index:

Colorado: State Archives: Probate files:

Connecticut: Barbour Collection of Vital Records:

Delaware: State of Delaware, Probate:

Idaho: Birth, Marriage, Death – Special Index, BYU:

Special Collections at BYU include: Western States Marriage Records; Idaho State Death Index 1911-1951; Eastern Idaho Death Records (no dates noted): Virtually all of the pre‑1900 marriages are included in the index for Arizona, Idaho and Nevada.  Many Idaho, Nevada and Utah counties have been extracted into the 1930’s and some, much later.   A significant number of marriages from Wyoming, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, western Colorado and selected counties in California are also included.  For more details, see “List of Counties by State”.  As of April 15, 2010, this file contains over 699,443 marriage records with additional entries being added nearly every working day.

Idaho Statesman Obituary Index 1977 to present at Boise Public Library:

Illinois: Death Certificates 1916-1950; Illinois Marriage Index 1763-1900; Military Records; Probate Records

Indiana: State Library (scroll down for databases)

Kansas: Kansas State Historical Society:

Kentucky: Vital Records Project:

Kentucky Death Records 1911-2000

Kentucky Marriage/Divorce records 1973-1993; Kentucky Death Index 1911-1992 (for each of these databases, scroll to bottom of page)

Kentucky VitalSearch

Louisiana: State of Louisiana, Death:

Maine: Marriage records 1892-1996 (gap 1967-1976); Death Index 1960-1996                                                

Maryland: State Archives:

Massachusetts: Probate Research:

Michigan: Library of Michigan, death certificates:

Minnesota: Death Certificate search 1906-1996

            Historical Society:

Mississippi: Dept. of Archives:

Missouri: State Archives, Death Certs:

            State Archives, Birth & death pre 1910:

            St. Louis:

Nevada: State Library:

Las Vegas (Clark Co. ONLY) marriages 1984 to date

New Hampshire:

New Jersey: Archives:

New Mexico: Birth, Death:

New York: Birth, Marriage, Death:

City Death Index 1891-1919

North Dakota: Public Death Index:


Ohio: Death Certificates 1913-1937

Please note that the Ohio Historical Society has all the death records for the period 1908 through 1944.  They also have 1945-1953, but they too are not yet indexed in any form for the public’s use. They will send you to the county to get copies if needed. They also have newspaper indexes and more.  Investigate!

Oklahoma: Historical Society:

Oregon: Oregon State Archives > Oregon Historical Records has Death Indexes 1903-1998 on line ($$)

            Oregon: Birth records are closed for 100 years; marriage records are available, but to get a copy of the application, 50 years is the rule; death records are closed for last 50 years, then you can go to Oregon State Archives for a copy.

Oregonian (newspaper index) search:

            Other Oregonian access is through a Multnomah County Library card.

Pennsylvania: Register of Wills:

Rhode Island: Where to get vital records:      

South Dakota: Birth records older than 100 years:                                                                           

Tennessee: History & Genealogy Index:

Tennessee State Library & Archives:  

Death Index 1949-2005 (center, all counties):

Texas: Death Records 1964-1998

            Index to Probate Records:

            Family Tree Legends: Births, 1926-1995:

            Family Tree Legends: Marriages:

            Family Tree Legends: Deaths, 1964-1998:

Utah: Death Certificate Index, 1904-1958:

            State Archives:

Vermont: Vital Records:  (scroll down to see index for PR-016).

            Family Tree Legends, Deaths, 1989-2001:

   has birth records; marriage records and death records for 1909-2008.

Virginia: Library of VA:

Washington: Secretary of State, Vital Records:

West Virginia: Vital Records: