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Newspaper Links of Old

There are thousands of newspapers that have yet to be scanned and made available online. You still need to know where they are and how to access them. Please use this list and let me know if you find other sites that are good repositories for further newspaper research. Your feedback is welcome.

[All links checked and updated 6 July 2014] Google Index (International): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspaper_archives_online

Elephind.com [click on Advanced Search]: http://www.elephind.com/

National Sites for research: A brief history of newspapers-Historic Newspapers: http://www.historicpages.com/nprhist.htm

Free Newspaper Archives in the US

Visualization of newspapers spread from east to west; Data Visualization:
Journalism’s Voyage West: http://www.stanford.edu/group/ruralwest/cgi-bin/drupal/visualizations/us_newspapers

Newspapers in Microform, LOC: http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/news_research_tools/newspapersinmf.html

Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/extnewsp.html

Stars & Stripes: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/sgphtml/sashtml/

Library of Congress, Chronicling of America: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ (41 states with newspapers from 1836-1922 as of 1 July 2014)

Library of Congress, U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present

Library of Congress, browsable newspapers listed by state: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/newspapers/

Newspaper Program: http://www.neh.gov/projects/usnp.html

Newspaper Abstracts:  http://www.newspaperabstracts.com/

Repository of Primary Sources:  http://www.uiweb.uidaho.edu/special-collections/Other.Repositories.html

United States Newspaper Program: http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/usnp/usnpp.html

US Newspaper Links: current newspapers (not inclusive list): http://www.usnpl.com/

US Full-Text Newspaper Databases: http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/e/su/news/db.html

Readex: Early American Newspapers, 1690-1876: http://www.newsbank.com/readex/?content=96

Small Town Papers: $$$ http://www.smalltownpapers.com/



$$$ (Allows up to 3 look ups per day, free)

Cyndi’s List, Newspapers: http://www.cyndislist.com/newspapers

Ancestry.com $$$: http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=50000&enc=1

Rootsweb Newspaper Indexes: http://userdb.rootsweb.ancestry.com/news/

Google News Archive Service: http://news.google.com/archivesearch

GenealogyBuff.com – US newspaper list

US Newspaper Indexes in Olin University: http://guides.library.cornell.edu/newsindexesUS

****US Online Historical Newspapers:

Newspapers, date of Statehood in parentheses.  ILL equals Inter Library Loan.
Alabama: (1819) ILL
AL Dept. of Archives and History:
Birmingham Public Library: http://www.bham.lib.al.us/ (See databases on that site)

Alaska: (1959) ILL

Obituaries, Newspaper Obituaries (scroll to AK)

Newspaper Indexes & Databases — Alaska State Library

The Alaska State Library: Newspapers Index

Alaska Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

GenealogyBuff.com – Online Newspaper Directory – Alaska Newspapers

Petersburg Public Library: Newspapers (Many!)

Arizona: (1912) ILL

Arizona Newspaper Project: http://www.azlibrary.gov/sla/arizona-newspapers

Mesa FamilySearch Library Obituary Search: http://mesarfhc.org/search/azobits.htm

Chronicling America – The Library of Congress

Arizona Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Obituaries, Newspaper Obituaries (scroll to AZ)

GenealogyBuff.com – Online Newspaper Directory – Arizona Newspapers

State of Arizona Obituary and Death Notices Collection – Message Index

Arizona Digital Newspaper Program

Arizona Historical Newspapers – THE ANCESTOR HUNT

Arkansas: (1836)
Arkansas History Commission: http://www.ark-ives.com/documenting/newspapers.asp
Princeton University Library: African American Newspapers, 1829- present: http://libguides.princeton.edu/aas
Arkansas Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Arkansas Online Historical Directories (Online Historical Directories)

State of Arkansas Obituary and Death Notices Collection – Message Index

GenealogyBuff.com – Online Newspaper Directory – Arkansas Newspapers

Obituaries, Newspaper Obituaries (scroll to AR)

California: (1850)
California State Library, Sutro: http://www.library.ca.gov/calhist/newspaper.html (ILL only “non-rare materials,”)
California Newspaper Project:  http://cnp.ucr.edu/
California Newspaper Project: http://www.cbsr.ucr.edu/
California Digital Newspaper Collection, 1846-date: http://cdnc.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/cdnc
The Bancroft Library, University of California Berkley: http://bancroft.berkeley.edu/
USC Digital Library: http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/cdm/search/searchterm/newspaper/order/nosort
Archive Search – LA Daily News 1992-
Whittier Public Library Digital Archives

: (1876)
Colorado Historical Society:  http://www.coloradohistory.org/chs_library/research_coll_files/rc_newspapers.htm
Colorado newspaper online (today’s newspapers) http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/usstate/uscolora.htm
Colorado Historic Newspapers, 1859-1923: http://www.coloradohistoricnewspapers.org/Default/Skins/Colorado/Client.asp?Skin=Colorado&AppName=2&AW=1393717702427
Denver Public Library: Obituaries
Denver Obituary Index
Denver County: Recent Obituary Search
Colorado Online Historical Directories – Online Historical Directories Colorado Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers Colorado Historical Newspapers! – THE ANCESTOR HUNT

Connecticut: (1788)
Connecticut State Library: ILL: http://www.cslib.org/cnp.htm
Connecticut Newspaper Indexes: http://www.cslib.org/newspaper/indexes.htm
Newspapers of Connecticut: http://cslib.cdmhost.com/cdm/landingpage/collection/p15019coll9
Connecticut Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Delaware: (1787)
University of Delaware Library: ILL http://www2.lib.udel.edu/delnews/
UDel, Microfilmed Newspaper List: http://www2.lib.udel.edu/delnews/list.htm Historical Society of Delaware: http://www.hsd.org/ [“Newspaper” in search box]
Delaware Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

District of Columbia:
D.C. Public Library: https://lawsonresearch.wpengine.com/app/uploads/2014/07/dcplnews1.pdf
D.C. Public Library Special Collections: http://dclibrary.org/research/collections
District of Columbia Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Florida: (1845)
State Library of Florida: ILL http://dlis.dos.state.fl.us/fgils/flnews2.html State Library of Florida, Florida Collection: http://dlis.dos.state.fl.us/library/FLCollection/newspapers.cfm
Florida History in Newspapers: http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/spec/pkyonge/newspap.html
Boca Raton Historical Society: http://www.bocahistory.org/boca_history/br_history_newpaper.asp
Florida Digital Newspaper Library: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/?c=fdnl1
Central Florida Memory:  http://www.cfmemory.org/cdm4/results.php?CISOOP1=any&CISOBOX1=newspaper&CISOFIELD1=CISOSEARCHALL&CISOROOT=all
Florida Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Florida Historical Newspapers – THE ANCESTOR HUNT

Georgia: (1788)
University of Georgia: ILL http://www.libs.uga.edu/gnp/
Digital Library of Georgia: http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/CollectionsA-Z/zlgn_information.html?Welcome&Welcome&Welcome
**Search engine for Digital Library** http://neptune3.galib.uga.edu/ssp/cgi-bin/ftaccess.cgi?_id=7f000001&dbs=ZLGN
Georgia Historic Newspapers: http://atlnewspapers.galileo.usg.edu/atlnewspapers/search
Georgia Online Historical Online Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Hawaii: (1959) (NO ILL)
Hawaii State Archives: http://ags.hawaii.gov/
Hawaiian Historical Society: http://www.hawaiianhistory.org/
Hawaiian Language Newspaper Index: http://libweb.hawaii.edu/digicoll/newspapers.htm
University of Hawaii: http://library.manoa.hawaii.edu/research/digicoll.html Hawai’i Newspaper Indexes: https://lawsonresearch.wpengine.com/app/uploads/2014/07/hni.pdf
Newspaper: Honolulu Record Index
Hawai`i Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Idaho: (1890) (Edit>Search>Newspapers)
Idaho State Historical society: Some ILL http://history.idaho.gov/archives-collections
Idaho Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Idaho Statesman Obit Database

Illinois: (1818)
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency: ILL http://www.state.il.us/hpa/lib/Microfilm.htm
Illinois Newspaper Project: ILL http://www.library.illinois.edu/inp/microfilm.php
Chicago’s, Hyde Park Herald: http://hpherald.com/new-and-improved-digital-archives/
Barrington Area History: http://barringtonarealibrary.org/local-history.html
Farm, Field & Fireside; Agricultural Newspaper Collection: http://www.library.illinois.edu/dnc/Default/Skins/FFF/Client.asp?Skin=FFF&AppName=2&AW=1393718338924
Flora Journal-Record: http://www.idaillinois.org/cdm/search/collection/fpl01
Quincy Historical Newspaper Archive- approx 1835-1919
Illinois Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Indiana: (1816)
Indiana State Library: ILL http://www.in.gov/library/newspapers.htm
Indiana Historical Society: http://www.indianahistory.org/
[‘newspaper’ in search box]
Indiana University, Bloomington: http://www.libraries.iub.edu/index.php?pageId=3089
Indianapolis Newspapers Database, 1848-1991: http://web.isl.lib.in.us/IndyNews/1848_1991_search.asp
Depauw University, Digital Archives: http://digital.library.depauw.edu/
Indiana Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Iowa: (1846)
State Historical Society of Iowa: ILL$ http://www.iowahistory.org/libraries/newspaper-search.html
Barnard Bulletin, Digital Archives 1901-2002: http://barnardcollege.newspaperarchive.com/
Floyd County: http://cc.newspaperarchive.com/
Sioux County Index, The: http://siouxcounty.newspaperarchive.com/
Iowa Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Microfilm Interlibrary Loan and Purchase

Kansas: (1861)
Kansas State Historical Society: http://www.kshs.org/p/newspapers-in-kansas/11528
KS, Kansas City 1991-date Kansas State Historical Society
Kansas Online Historical Newspapers

Kentucky: (1792)
University of Kentucky Libraries: ILL http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/NDNP/kycollections.html
Kentucky GenWeb:  http://www.kygenweb.net/counties/ukfilm.html
Kentucky Online Historical Newspapers (Online Historical Newspapers)

Louisiana: (1812) ILL
Louisiana State University: http://www.lib.lsu.edu/special/lnp/ft/ftsearch.php
The New Orleans Bee: http://www.jefferson.lib.la.us/genealogy/NewOrleansBeeMain.htm
Louisiana Newspaper Access Program – LaNeAP
Free Databases for Louisiana Genealogy – Genealogy – LibGuides at Southeastern Louisiana University

Maine: (1820) ILL
University of Maine, Fogler Library: http://library.umaine.edu/speccoll/newspapers.htm
Maine UsGenWeb: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~megenweb/newspaper/project/
Maine Online Historical Newspapers
Maine News Index Online Penobscot County: BANGOR DAILY NEWS OBITUARIES
Penobscot County: Dexter, Maine Obituaries

York County: Newspaper, Biddeford Area Biographical Resource

Maryland: (1788)
Maryland State Archives:  http://speccol.mdarchives.state.md.us/pages/newspaper/index.aspx
Maryland State Archives – by County: http://speccol.mdarchives.state.md.us/pages/newspaper/index.aspx
Frederick County Public Libraries: http://fredericknewspost.newspaperarchive.com/
University of Maryland, Periodicals and Newspapers: http://lib.guides.umd.edu/content.php?pid=131120&sid=1149455
St. Mary’s Beacon Index, 1852-1980: http://beacon.lib.md.us/
Baltimore Sun, 1837-1986, 1990-date: http://guides.library.jhu.edu/content.php?pid=29913&sid=218712
Maryland Online Historical Newspapers (Online Historical Newspapers)
archives | baltimoresun.com, 1990-date
Garrett County: Obituary Database: Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County, MD

Howard County Historical Society, Marriage Index, 1860-1939
Newspaper: Maryland Early State Records Online

Massachusetts: (1788)
Boston Public Library: ILL http://www.bpl.org/research/microtext/news.htm  State Library of Massachusetts: http://www.mass.gov/portal/
In Search box, input: ‘Historical Newspapers’ Massachusetts Newspapers Index & Database: http://www.mass-doc.com/news_indexes.htm
Massachusetts, Cambridge Tribune: http://cambridge.dlconsulting.com/
Boston Evening Transcript, 1850s-1890s: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=sArNgO4T4MoC
Obits, Boston Globe & Boston Herald, 1953-2010: http://www.bpl.org/collections/interpro/bpl_search/obits.htm
Suffolk County: Boston Globe Archive
Massachusetts Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Barnstable Patriot digital newspaper archive
Bristol County: Obit Index Fall River, MASS, 1951-2010
Middlesex County: Obituary Database
Cemetery Headstones & Obituary indexes

Michigan: (1837)
Michigan State University: http://libguides.lib.msu.edu/content.php?pid=61656&sid=454236
Michigan, Otsego County Newspaper Archive: http://www.newspaperobituaries.net/michigan/otsego_county_obituaries.htm
Michigan, Farmington – Historical Newspaper Collection: http://www.farmlib.org/localhist/
Western Michigan Newspapers, 1910-2012: http://data.wmgs.org/Newspapers/FMPro?-token=114887&-db=Newspapers&-format=search.htm&-findall
Western Michigan Newspapers, Death Index, 1910-2012
Southwest Michigan Obituary Index: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mivanbur/SWMIObitIndex/SWMIObit.htm
Michigan Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
About Old News | Old News
Allegan County: The Commercial Record, Newspapers
Berrien & Cass County: Obit Index
Calhoun County: Obituary Database
Cass County: Obituary Index
Charlevoix Public Library – Research Center – Obituary Database Search, 1940-date
Clinton County: DeWitt District Library – Vitals & Newspaper
Dearborn County: Deaths in Dearborn Press 1918-1928
Dearborn County: Marriages in the Dearborn Press 1918-1928
Ingham County: Obituaries and More [see top left]
Ingham County: Lansing State Journal: Archives, 2003-date
Livingston County: Obituary Index
Macomb County: Genealogy (lots!!)
Macomb County: Mount Clemens Public Library (Tons of links here!!)
Monroe County: Obituary Search
Monroe County, Michigan, Obituary Index,1821-2012
Newaygo County: FADL Local Records Database, Obits
Oakland County: Salem-South Lyon Digital Archives, Newspaper
Oakland County: FCL Heritage Collection, Obits & More
Oakland County, Historical Resources Obituary Index, 1970-2009
Ostego County: Obituaries
Saginaw County: Obituary Finder
Tuscola County: Rawson Memorial Library, Newspaper, 1881-2009
Washtenaw County: The Michigan Daily 1947-2009
Wayne County: Detroit Free Press | Death notices; Obituaries; Birth announcements and more
Wayne County: Obits, Naturalizations & More
Wayne County: Northville History Index
Wayne County: Detroit, MI Obituary Indexes
Wayne County: Detroit Free Press: Archives
Wayne County: Grosse Pointe Obituary Database
Wayne County: Grosse Pointe Local History Archives, Newspapers, Obituary Index

Minnesota: (1858)
University of Minnesota: https://www.lib.umn.edu/libdata/page.phtml?page_id=942
Minnesota Historical Society: http://sites.mnhs.org/library/content/newspaper-collection
Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub
Minneapolis Central: Labor Review: http://www.minneapolisunions.org/labor_review_archive_about.php
Minnesota News Indexes
Online Historical Newspapers: Minnesota Online Historical Newspapers

Carver County: Search Newspaper Index
Marshall County: Holt Weekly News
Olmsted County: The History Center of Olmsted County – Newspaper Index, More
Pennington County Historical Society-Cemetery and Obituary Search
Winona County Newspaper Project

Mississippi: (1817)
Mississippi Department of Archives and History: http://zed.mdah.state.ms.us/
Mississippi Online Historical Newspapers

Missouri: (1821)
Missouri History Museum – Digitized St. Louis Newspapers: http://www.mohistory.org/node/7179
Missouri Digital Heritage : Collection : Contributed Collections Search
Missouri Newspaper Card File Indexes: http://shs.umsystem.edu/newspaper/newscardfiles.shtml
State Historical Society of Missouri: ILL http://shs.umsystem.edu/newspaper/index.shtml
Missouri Online Historical Newspapers
SHS of Missouri – Index to Selected Missouri Newspapers Home

Newspaper Card File Indexes – Newspaper Collection – The State Historical Society of Missouri

Missouri- Newspaper Library

Montana: (1889)
Montana Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Chronicling America – The Library of Congress

Montana Historical Society Home

Nebraska: (1867)
Nebraska State Historical Society: ILL                   http://www.nebraskahistory.org/lib-arch/research/library/newspapr.htm Nebraska Newspaper Extraction Project: http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/topic/newspapers/NSHS/nshsnews.htm
Nebraska Newspapers: http://nebnewspapers.unl.edu/info/about/NDNP
Nebraska Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Newspaper Obituaries On The Web
Media Portal
Nebraska Old Newspapers
Nebraska Historical Newspapers – THE ANCESTOR HUNT
Buffalo County – Kearney Daily Hub newspaper, 1889-1934
Douglas County – Creighton Courier, Creighton University
Furnas County Newspaper Snippets
Red Willow County – Early Newspapers of McCook, Nebraska

Nevada: (1864)
Nevada State Library: http://nsla.nevadaculture.org//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1210
University of Nevada, Las Vegas: http://www.library.unlv.edu/collections/micro/nevnews/
Nevada Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

New Hampshire: (1788)
New Hampshire Historical Society: http://www.nhhistory.org/orginfo.html New Hampshire State Library: http://www.nh.gov/nhsl/services/public/newspapers.html
New Hampshire Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

New Jersey: (1787)
New Jersey Historical Society: http://www.jerseyhistory.org/search.php?sstring=newspapers
Middle Tennessee State University: http://libraryguides.mtsu.edu/content.php?pid=337355&sid=2940615
New Jersey Newspapers: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/libs/scua/scua.shtml
New Jersey Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Atlantic County Library System, Newspapers
Burlington County: BCLS: Newspaper Notices Index
Burlington County: Bordentown Register, Burlington Co., NJ
Middlesex County: South Amboy Citizen
Middlesex County: New Brunswick Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Monmouth County: Red Bank Register Archive
Monmouth County: Matawan, 1870-1973
Union County: Newspapers, Cranford Public Library Internal Archive Search

New Mexico: (1912)
New Mexico Newspaper Project: http://econtent.unm.edu/cdm/
New Mexico Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

New York: (1788)
New York Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
New York State Newspaper Project: ILL http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/nysnp/
New York State Newspaper Project: City List newspapers on microfilm at NYSL
New York State Newspaper Project : County List of NYS newspapers on microfilm and paper at all NYS locations
New York State Newspaper Project – Home Page
New York Historical Society: https://www.nyhistory.org/library/research
Pro-Quest: Historical New York Newspapers: http://historynews.chadwyck.com/home/home.cgi?source=config2.cfg
Huron River Valley Historical Newspapers: http://news.hrvh.org/
Ithaca College, The Ithican: Historical Issues in a Digital Version: http://www.ithacalibrary.com/archives/ithacan.php
Cornell University – The Cornell Daily Sun Digitization Project: http://cdsun.library.cornell.edu/
Fulton History (warning! music): http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html
New York Times, 1851-1980: http://www.nytimes.com/ref/membercenter/nytarchive.html
New York Times Index
New York State Newspaper Project: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/nysnp/about.htm
New York Newspaper Morgues: http://www.cah.utexas.edu/research/media_morgues.php
New York tribune. – Chronicling America, 1866-1924
HRVH Historical Newspapers – Home
Albany County: Times Union
Kings County: Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online (1841-1902), The Brooklyn Public Library
Kings County: Newspapers Brooklyn
The Barnard Bulletin Newspaper Archive
Northern New York Historical Newspapers by Northern New York Library Network (NNYLN)
Queens County Sentinel Newspaper marriages / deaths
Suffolk County: SUFFOLK HISTORIC NEWSPAPERS | Live-brary
Suffolk Historic Newspapers
Ulster County: Rochester Regional Historical Newspapers
Long Island Newspapers
The Ithacan: Historical Issues in a Digital Version

North Carolina: (1789)
North Carolina Newspaper Project: ILL http://statelibrary.ncdcr.gov/ghl/resources/newspapers.html
North Carolina Newspaper Digitization: http://www.history.ncdcr.gov/SHRAB/ar/exhibits/newspaper/index.html
North Carolina Digital: http://library.digitalnc.org/cdm/search/searchterm/Newspapers/field/format/mode/exact/
North Carolina Newspaper Digitization Project: Home
North Carolina Newspapers | DigitalNC
North Carolina Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
North Carolina Historical Newspapers – THE ANCESTOR HUNT
Dare County: Newspapers / Genealogy & more
Johnston County – Newspaper obits 1801-date
Mecklenburg County: Newspapers, Indexes, Search
Nash & Edgecomb Counties: Braswell Memorial Library Newspaper Archive
Randolph County: Newspaper Obituaries 1903-1995: http://randolphlibrary.libguides.com/content.php?pid=483689&sid=3977128
Robeson County: Carolina Indian Voice Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Union County Public Library-Newspapers

North Dakota: (1889)
State Historical Society of North Dakota: http://history.nd.gov/archives/whatnewspapers.html
North Dakota Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Minot Daily News

Ohio: (1803) ILL$
The Ohio Historical Society: http://dbs.ohiohistory.org/newspaper/home.cfm Ohio Newspaper Index: http://ww2.ohiohistory.org/resource/database/news.html
Ohio Obituary Index: http://index.rbhayes.org/hayes/index/record_detail.asp?id=1479429
Ohio Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Ohio Jewish Chronicle, 1922-1994
Obituary Only Indexes to Akron Beacon Journal, 1937-2011
Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library: Obituary Index |
Crawford County Obituaries, 1860-2004 — FamilySearch.org
Cuyahoga County: Cleveland Public Library – Obituary File
Fayette County: Record Herald Newspaper, 1911-2005, Obit Index
Franklin County: Columbus News Index – Obituary Search Form

Hamilton County: Cinci Newspaper Indexes
Hancock County: Findlay Hancock Public Library – Obituary Database Search
Huron County: Norwalk Reflector Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Huron County Willard Area Births & Obituaries | Extension Library District of Huron Co.
Wayne County: OrrViews Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online

Oklahoma: (1907)
Oklahoma Historical Society: http://okhistory.cuadra.com/star/public.html University of Oklahoma Libraries, Western History Collections:  http://digital.libraries.ou.edu/sooner/search.asp?term=newspapers&name=Go The Gateway to Oklahoma History: http://gateway.okhistory.org/
Oklahoman obituaries: http://www.okhistory.org/research/obits.php
Newspaper Search Indexes – 3 Chose 1 at a time
Oklahoma Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Search Index | Tulsa World, 1989-date
Garvin County News Articles Index

Oregon: (1859) ILL
Newspapers on Microfilm: http://libweb.uoregon.edu/govdocs/micro/papers.htm
Oregon Newspaper Microfilming Project: http://libweb.uoregon.edu/govdocs/micro/pos.htm
Oregon Newspaper Index: http://libweb.uoregon.edu/govdocs/micro/nindex.htm
Oregon Newspapers Index
Oregon Newspapers and Genealogical Resources on Microform
OSU Newspaper links
Genealogical Forum of Oregon-Oregon Obituary Index: http://www.gfo.org/obits/index.htm
Oregon Newspapers, Newspaper – Presse.com
Oregon State Library – 1985-2004 or so

Chronicling America – The Library of Congress

Oregon Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Historic Oregon Newspapers -Lib. of Congress search works better

Oregon Obit Index 1985-current

Newspapers Published in Oregon-Current Newspapers

Eugene Newspapers-Index only, 1852-1987
Eugene Register-Guard, Obituary Index, Nov 2001 to date

Oregonian Search
Old Newspaper Index
Schwartz Obituary Collection, 1977-1980, Oregonian clippings
News from East Portland, 1883-1889
Clackamas & Washington Counties: Wilsonville Library : Northwest Heritage Index
Springfield News Features – Obituaries
Oregon State Library – Oregon Index Search -Search engine for 13 newspapers

Pennsylvania: (1787)
Free Library of Philadelphia: http://libwww.library.phila.gov/faq/guides/genealogy/newspapers.cfm?FAQCategory=19
Penn Libraries: http://gethelp.library.upenn.edu/guides/philadelphia/phnews.html
Collections >> Newspaper Searching Instructions
Pennsylvania Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Pennsylvania Digital Repository : Newspaper & more (Use advanced search)
Blair County: Altoona Mirror Obituary Date Listings, 1929-date
Butler County Library system
Darke County: Greenville Newspaper Archive
Delaware County Library Newspaper Archive
Erie County Public Library – Obituary Listings
McKean County: Obituary Index – 1935-1995, Bradford Pa History Historical Society
Mckean County: Smethport Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Tioga County: Green Free Public Library Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Westmoreland County: Dead-a-base – Adams Memorial Library, 1902-date
Westmoreland County: Obituary Index; Baltzer Meyer Historical Society
Historic Fair Hill Obituaries & Interment Records » Historic Fair Hill

Rhode Island: (1790)
Rhode Island Historical Society: http://www.rihs.org/newspapers-and-periodicals/
Rhode Island Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

South Carolina: (1788)
South Carolina State Library: http://www.statelibrary.sc.gov/south-carolina-obituary-resources
South Carolina Historical Society: http://www.southcarolinahistoricalsociety.org/
South Carolina Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Greenville County: Obituary Index 1909-date
Greenville County, South Carolina, Obituary Index, 1914-1992

South Dakota: (1889)
South Dakota State Historical Society:  http://history.sd.gov/
South Dakota State Library: http://library.sd.gov/LIB/ERD/category/news.aspx#.U7iwaLG8Sgw
South Dakota Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Newspaper search: South Dakota State Archives

Tennessee: (1796)
Tennessee State Library & Archives:    http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/newspapers/index.htm
Tennessee State Library & Archive: http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/newspapers/tn-obits.htm
Tennessee Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Montgomery County Government
Sevier County: Obits & Funeral Homes
Tennessee Online Newspapers – Research for Free – THE ANCESTOR HUNT

Texas: (1845)
Dallas Public Library: http://www.dallaslibrary2.org/texas/newspapers.htm Texas State Library: https://www.tsl.state.tx.us/ref/abouttx/news.html University of Texas, Austin: http://www.cah.utexas.edu/services/finding_items/newspapers.php
Texas Newspaper Project: http://tdnp.unt.edu/
Portal of Texas: The Portal to Texas History-Newspapers [above search box]
Texas Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
East Texas News – obituaries 2007-2012
Newspapers: Explore by Collections The Portal to Texas History
Burnet County: Obit Index, 1876-1910
Cherokee County: Alto Herald newspaper, 1900-1969
Collingsworth County: Collingsworth Public Library Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Colorado County: Nesbitt Memorial Library Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Dallas County: Duncanville Public Library Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Galveston County: Friendswood Public Library Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Nacogdoches County: East Texas Research Center – Ralph W. Steen Library
Navarro County: Corsicana Daily Sun Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Neuces County: Obituary Index
Panola County: Panola Watchmen Archives Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Stonewall County: Aspermont Star newspaper, 1911-1979

Wichita County: The Wichita Daily Times Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Texas Historical Newspapers – THE ANCESTOR HUNT

Utah: (1896)
Utah State Historical Society: http://heritage.utah.gov/
Finding aid at USHS: http://history.utah.gov/findaids/index.html [scroll down to Collections]
Utah Digital Newspapers: http://digitalnewspapers.org/
Utah Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers

Vermont: (1791)
Vermont Newspaper Project: http://library.uvm.edu/vtnp/
Burlington Free Press/Rutland Herald Index: http://bfprhdindex.uvm.edu/      Vermont Genealogy: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~mac87/online.html#newspapers
Old Newspaper Collections Project: http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ny/county/niagara/news/vt/index.html
The Vermont Chronicle, 1826-1898: http://www.mycinnamontoast.com/genealogy/site/1556
Vermont Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
The Vermont Chronicle: 1826 – 1898

Virginia: (1788)
University of Mary Washington: http://libguides.umw.edu/newspapers
The Virginia Newspaper Project: http://www.lva.virginia.gov/public/using_collections.asp#_guides-NewspapersandMagazines
Virginia Library Collection What We Have
Library of Virginia Newspaper Project
Marriage/Obituary Index: Henley Index – 1736-1982
Virginia Tech |American Civil War Newspapers: https://dcr.emd.vt.edu/vital/access/manager/Index
Virginia Gazette, 1736-1780: http://research.history.org/DigitalLibrary/BrowseVG.cfm
Virginia Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Fairfax County: Historical Newspaper Index Search – Fairfax County, Virginia
Fairfax County, Virginia – Historical Newspaper index with over 1M records from 10 papers. http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/library/branches/vr/newsindex/
Fredericksburg Research Resources
Daily Press: Hampton Roads Daily Press

Newport News Public Library System — Obituary Index, 1898-1988

Pulaski County Library System Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online

Radford County: Radford Public Library Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online

Richmond: Old Newspaper Articles

Smyth County, Virginia Obituary Collection – Message Index

Winchester, Evening Star Obituaries, 1899-1909

Washington: (1889) ILL
Washington Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Washington State Library: http://www.sos.wa.gov/history/newspapers.aspx University of Washington: http://depts.washington.edu/mcnews/indexes/newsguide.htm
Obituary Lookup Volunteers – Washington
Chelan County: Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society; Obits 1880-2011
Clallam County: Gen. Soc. – Obits. 1888-1970
Clallam County: Obituary Index 1916 to date
Cowlitz County: Washington Obituaries 1871-date
Jefferson County: Newspaper; select papers
King County: Search The East Side Journal Index
Pierce County: Tacoma Area Obituaries – Search
Walla Walla County: Walla Walla, WA, WWII Airport Newspaper Archives: http://www.wallawallaairport.com/airport-information/history

West Virginia: (1863) ILL
West Virginia Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
West Virginia University Libraries: http://www.libraries.wvu.edu/collections/collection.php?id=48
West Virginia State Archives: http://www.wvculture.org/history/newspapers/newsmic.html
Obituary Collection – Charleston Daily Mail – Ancestry.com
Charleston Newspapers Corporate Site

Cabell & Wayne Counties: Huntington: Herald Dispatch & Charleston Gazette newspaper, Obits, 1990-2005

Wisconsin: (1847) ILL
Wisconsin Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Wisconsin Historical Society Library: http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/libraryarchives/collections/news.asp
Wisconsin Local History and Biography Articles Collection, c.1860-1940
WMJ Physician Obituary Database, 1903-2008
Calumet County New Holstein Pub. Lib. Records, 1900-2001
Eau Claire County: Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Forest County: Local History Obituary Index |
Outagamie County Records, 1825-1980
Waukesha County: Waukesha Newspaper Archive – Search Old Newspaper Articles Online
Waushara County Obituary Database

Wyoming: (1890)
Wyoming Online Historical Newspapers – Online Historical Newspapers
Wyoming State Archives: http://micrographics.state.wy.us/index.aspx Wyoming Newspaper Project: http://www.wyonewspapers.org/
Albany County, Wyoming, Obituaries
Laramie County: Newspaper Listings

Wyoming Historical Newspapers for Free – THE ANCESTOR HUNT

African-American Newspapers and Periodicals
African American Newspapers
The Friend of Man: http://fom.library.cornell.edu/

Ethnic Newspaper:
Immigration History Research Center: http://www.ihrc.umn.edu/
Duke University; Jewish Studies: http://guides.library.duke.edu/jewishstudies

Saskatchewan GenWebILL  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cansk/Saskatchewan/newspaper.html
Canada/Austria/Britain/Ireland: (1/3  way down page) ‘The Press in America’ & ‘Newspaper Collections’ & ‘American Newspapers’ – some links broken as page is ‘old’ http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rwguide/lesson20.htm Quebec Collections: http://www.banq.qc.ca/collections/collection_numerique/index.html?categorie=6
Manitoba Digital Resources: http://manitobia.ca/content/en/newspapers

International Coalition on Newspapers: http://icon.crl.edu/digitization.htm

Irish Newspaper Archives: http://www.irishnewsarchive.com/

Papers Past – New Zealand newspapers, 1839-1945: http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast

National Library of Singapore: http://newspapers.nl.sg/default.aspx

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