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Council for the Advancement of Forensic GenealogyAn attorney who does lots of heirship cases contacts you. He wants to build an ongoing relationship with a genealogist. He has a case with a possible 30-50 hours to untangle the heirs of a decedent from Texas who was domiciled in California when she died in 1972. The assets are in Texas. Decedent was not legally married. She had no children or siblings. Her parents were deceased. Her mother was also an only child. Some of those in the proposed line of descent and distribution died before the decedent, some died after, some died in a foreign country, some died in other US states.

If you don’t know how the above facts impact this sample case, and forensic genealogy is a specialty in your professional services, or you want to offer forensic services – you should consider the Forensic Genealogy Institute March 24 – 29, 2014, Dallas TX. For more information: http://www.forensicgenealogists.org/forensic-genealogy-institute.html