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When you must absolutely have a disinterested 3rd party opinion Finding Living Family to Speak for the Disabled

I have worked a lot of cases over the years. There are many that are memorable, some more so than others.


  • Elderly man
  • Found wandering the streets of a large city
  • Lives alone
  • Many years ago he was a brilliant person in his field

This man was taken to a local hospital by the kind person who found him wandering. The hospital quickly diagnosed advanced Alzheimer’s. Thankfully the man still had his wallet telling them who he was and further information about him.

Temporary Guardianship Established

The hospital notified the legal authorities who assigned a guardian for this gentleman. It was determined that his estate needed to be protected and an attorney was hired.

The attorney had located one family member who assured him that she was the sole heir of this man’s estate. But something didn’t ring true to him. Perhaps too many years of working in this field gave him reason to be cautious before believing what he was being told?

Forensic Genealogist Called in to Find All Living Family

The attorney that called me knew me from a number of previous cases I had worked on for him. He asked me to put in an hour of work on the case to see if I thought the woman claiming to be the ‘sole heir’ was indeed being truthful.

I immediately went to work. After all, it was only an hour and I’m always up for a quick review for a loyal customer!
When I had worked the hour I called the attorney to report what I had found. It went something like this…

Me: So, about that case you asked me to throw an hour at…

Attorney: How many heirs did you find?

Me: Seven so far but I have only given it an hour!

Greed, the American Way

The attorney’s instinct was accurate. The woman had indeed lied to him. It seems the elderly man with advanced Alzheimer’s had priceless artwork in his home amongst other items of value, and she wanted it all.

Do You Have Missing Heirs Needing Located?

Do you have missing heirs to an estate that need to be found but you have no idea where to look for them? We can help with that!

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your case.

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