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I’m working on several rather large cases right now. One is out of New York State. Of all the places I’ve done research, and sent letters to, New York citizens are the most distrustful. Why is unknown to me. All potential heirs are sent letters of introduction to try to alleviate their worries. They receive a letter of introduction to the case; a contact sheet to verify that the attorney is legally practicing as well as links to all of my business information. They receive a relationship chart showing how they are related to the deceased giving all the names back to the common ancestor. They receive a descendant list for that specific family group showing them, their siblings (if any) and their aunts, uncles, cousins. These are all mailed to the potential heir in an envelope that has my return address preprinted.

In contrast, I couldn’t ask for more help when I sent letters to Kentucky last week. Those folks are the most helpful group of people I’ve ever notified. They started the phone tree within their family unit and the next thing I knew I had the current mailing addresses for 48 living heirs to this estate. Thank you for your kindness, Kentucky! You people rock!

If you have questions about locating missing heirs to your client’s estates please contact me. I’m more than happy to help you understand my process to locate the missing heirs to your case. www.LawsonResearch.net or Leslie@LawsonResearch.net