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Missing Puzzle PiecesReady for Truth

The elderly person across from me came to speak with me today because she is ready for the truth. She has specific information from her original birth certificate. She told me, “I am an adoptee. I am ready to know the truth. Can you help me?” Yes. Yes I can.

Today was a day I had set aside on my calendar to give back to my local community. This woman waited to talk with me because I do forensic genealogy. I move easily between the records for the dead and the records for the living. Her inquiry was straight forward. She wanted to know more about her birth parents. When she left me she had information about her parents, grandparents, ½ siblings. I did a lot of screen shots on documents for her. Those screen shots will make it easier for her to refer to those as she continues to explore her genealogy. When she left she was aware that she had seven half-siblings. She also learned that her mother had been married not less than seven times.

Her next step is to do DNA testing. She knew she was the product of an affair of her mother. She wanted to know if there are others out there. She is also going to take an autosomal test with both Ancestry.com and family tree DNA.

Are you stuck on your family research? This family came together quickly. I believe when it’s this easy it’s because the ancestors want to be found. They guide the research to the documents that will answer the questions.

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