Forensic Genealogy Institute, March 2015


4th Annual Forensic Genealogy Institute 26-28 March 2015 — Wyndham Love Field Hotel — Dallas, Texas The 2015 Forensic Genealogy Institute (FGI), the educational arm of the Council for the Advancement of Forensic, will feature two brand-new, concurrent courses:

  • Forensic Genealogy Master Practicum
  • Advanced Genetic Genealogy and Unknown-Parentage Cases

These courses offer students the opportunity to participate in an unprecedented forensic-genealogy practicum or to gain experience in cutting-edge genetic genealogical research. Scroll down for details on each course or click here to meet the FGI faculty.

FGI registration is $445 per person, giving you:

  • 20 hours of instruction in just 3 days, minimizing travel costs and time away from jobs and family
  • One-of-a-kind access to expert forensic genealogists who can answer questions and act as mentors

FGI registration opens on Tuesday, 9 September 2014 at 2pm EST.